Born From A Team That Automated Most Tasks At An SEO Linkbuilding and PR Agency

It became clear to me in 2018 that machine learning and AI would replace tasks that cost, even at outsourced and overseas rates many tens of thousands a year. Verifying data, checking and categorising sites by topic, understanding a journalists beat.

All those tasks lent themselves to machine learning and my team had been working on that extensively using the 'old tools'. But with the advent of large language models (LLMs) like GPT4 and Google Bard and powerful APIs that let developers directly interact with them it became clear that those tasks could now be fully automated without a custom machine learning set up or infrastructure.

For a small upfront cost in development time and prompt engineering, tasks that cost ten thousand dollars a month suddenly cost $3/day given GPT3.5-turbo's pretty insane price cut shortly after launch.

Having completed the challenge of automating most of an entire business - freeing up massive productivity for the team - we moved on to new challenges, doing the same for our clients at Confuse The Machine.

Steve Brownlie, Director

1 Parsons Street